Amiga Miscellaneous Peripherals

Action Replay Mk I, II & III

> Company: Datel Electronics, UK
> Date: l Electronics, UK
> Amiga: A500A2000
> Interface: side expansion portCPU slot
> Autoconfig ID: ID514 / 97514 / 3

Slow Motion Controller
Disable Switch
Does Not Support Hard Disks
Does Not Work With Processor Cards
Not Compatible With Kickstart 2.0 And Above
A500 / A1000 Versions:
Plugs Into The Side Expansion Port
No Passthrough Connector
A2000 Versions (Action Replay Mk II &Amp; III Only):
Connects To The 86 Pin CPU Slot
Half Length Card

Action Replay Mk I
Only A500 / A1000 Version
Uses A Special FDOS Disk Format (158 Half Tracks, 970 KB Per Disk) – Software For Conversion To AmigaDOS Is Supplied
V1.0 Features:
Shows And Modifies Registers (Even Read-Only Ones) And Memory Contents
Trainer Maker
M68000 Assembler / Disassembler
Copper Assembler / Disassembler
Sprite Editor
Virus Detector
Picture / Music (Tracker Format) / Sample Ripper
Save Computer Memory (Freezed Programs) To Disk
Shows Computer Status (Disk Parameters, ChipRAM, FastRAM…)
V1.5 Additional Features:
Ability To Save Freezed Programs To RAM
RAM Testing
Illegal Opcode – Jumps To Freezer Mode

Action Replay Mk II
A2000 Version Available
128 KB Operating System ROM
Uses The Common AmigaDOS Disk Format For Saving
New Features Compared To V1.5:
Boot Selector
Picture Editor
Sound Tracker
Turbo Fire Manager (Separately For Both Joysticks)
Disk Encoder
Start Menu
Disk Monitor
Integrated DOS Commands (Dir, Format,…)
80 Characters Display With Two-Way Scrolling
Memory And Drive Switch (Enabling / Disabling)
Music Ripper Now Finds All Tracker Formats (SoundTracker, NoiseTracker, Other Formats With 32 Samples)
Ripped Music / Pictures Are Saved In IFF Format

Action Replay Mk III
A2000 Version Available
In A1000, The Module Has To Be Disabled Before Loading The Kickstart
256 KB Operating System ROM
Does Not Work With 3-State’S Multivision 500/2000
Compared To Action Replay Mk II:
Deep Trainer
Burst Nibbler Copy Program
Switch Between PAL And NTSC (With New Agnus)
Joystick Handler (Use The Joystick Instead Of Keyboard)
File Requester
Better Support Of RAM Expansions
More CLI Programs


Amiga Action Replay Mk I, II & III

Front: Action Replay Mk I, II & III front view

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