Amiga Emulator Peripherals

A64 Commodore 64 Emulation

> Company: QuesTronix, US
Date: 1990
Amiga: any
Interface: Parallel port
Autoconfig ID: na

Commodore 64 emulation
the hardware part allows connecting C64 disk drives and printers
does not contain real C64 ROMs
the software part emulates the C64 through AmigaOS system libraries
integrated MOS 6510 machine language monitor – gives the user full reign over the 6510 internal memory and registers
machine language program input through 6510 mnemonic codes
the 16 colour palette of the C64 is fully customisable from the Amiga’s palette of 4096 hues
supports Commodore 64 disk drives as the devices 8 through 11, just like a real Commodore 64 – these drives can be either simulated, mapped onto directories on the Amiga’s filesystem, or real 1541 compatible > drives connected to the hardware adapter
casette drives are not supported
connects to the parallel port
AGA machines have to be run in Enhanced Chip Set graphics mode (set in the Early Startup Menu)
68040 machines need to disable copyback mode
developed by the same programmer as the Go-64!

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