Amiga Memory Peripherals

StarBoard 2

> Company: Microbotics, USA
> Date: 1986
> Amiga: A1000
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID1010 / 0

512 KB, 1 Or 2 MB Zero-Wait State RAM
32 256kx1, 150 Ns DIPs For 1 MB RAM (On “Main Deck”)
Optional “Upper Deck” Module With 32 DIPs For The Other 1 MB
Both Decks Have Four Sockets For Parity Chips Which Can Be Utilized With The Multifunction Module
Two StarBoards Can Be Connected Together For 4 MB RAM Total

Optional Multifunction Module
68881 @ 14 MHz
StickyDisk – Rebootable Ram Disk With Hardware Write Protection
Allows Parity Checking Of Memory In The Host StarBoard When Extra Parity RAM Is Installed – If A Parity Error Is Detected, The Amiga Crashes With A GURU Message
Battery Backed Up Clock

Optional SCSI Controller – StarDrive
AMD 5380 Controller IC
DB25 External SCSI Connector
Battery Backed Up Clock

One StarBoard Can Hold Either A Multifunction Or A SCSI Module, As They Connect To The Same Headers
Connects To The A1000 Side Expansion Port
Removing The StarBoard’S Case, It Can Be Installed In The A2000 Using The SB2000 Zorro II Adaptor Card
Passthrough Connector


Amiga StarBoard 2

Front: StarBoard 2 front view

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