Amiga Memory Peripherals

Insider II

> Company: DKB, USA
> Date: 1989
> Amiga: A1000
> Interface: 68000 socket
> Autoconfig ID:

Twelve DIP Sockets Accept 1.5 MB RAM
Supports 256k&Times;4 DIPs Only
Accepts DIPs In Groups Of Four Giving 0.5, 1, 1.5 MB Configurations
Battery Backed Up Clock
Connects To The 68000 Socket, The 68000 Is Replaced Onto The Board
Compatible With The DKB KwikStart II And ICD AdSpeed Boards
NTSC A1000s: A Clip Has To Attached To Pin 14 Of The Chip At Location P6 On The Daughterboard
PAL A1000s: Due To Space Constraints The Clip Doesn’T Fit, So It Has To Be Cut Off And The Wire Has To Be Soldered To Pin 7 Of The Chip At Location U4S On The Motherboard
RAM Banks Have To Be Occupied Starting From Bank 1 (The Bank Toward The 68000)


Amiga Insider II

Front: Insider II front view

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