Amiga Storage Peripherals

FastATA 4000 (PowerFlyer Gold / Winner Fast IDE)

> Company: Elbox, Poland
> Date: 1999
> Amiga: A3000, A4000
> Interface: Zorro III
> Autoconfig ID: ID2206 / 252206 / 29

Fast EIDE Controller
Supports PIO0, PIO3 And PIO4 Devices
Meets The ATA 3 And Fast ATA 2 Specifications
Up To 16.6 MB/S Transfer Speed
Two 40 Pin IDE Headers (Primary And Secondary)
The Primary And Secondary Buses Can Be Accessed At Different Speeds
Up To Four IDE Or ATAPI Devices Can Be Connected At Once
Hard Disk Activity LED Connector
Unconventional Handling Of 4 GB Devices, They Are Simply Split Into Separate Logical 4 GB Blocks – Can Be Turned Off By Software For Filesystems Implementing NSD, TD64 And Direct SCSI Commands
Multiple FastATAs Are Supported
Compatible With Other IDE Controllers (For Example The Buddha)

FastATA 4000 Mk2
Improved Firmware In The PLD Chips
Newer Autoboot ROM


Amiga FastATA 4000 (PowerFlyer Gold / Winner Fast IDE)

Front: FastATA 4000 (PowerFlyer Gold / Winner Fast IDE) front view

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