Amiga Storage Peripherals

DataFlyer 1200 SCSI+

> Company: Expansion Systems, USA
> Date: 1994
> Amiga: A1200
> Interface: IDE header
> Autoconfig ID:

SCSI Controller
Mounts Onto The IDE Header
Converts The Signals On The IDE Header To Also Run SCSI Devices At The Same Time
Operates Up To Five SCSI Devices (ID 0 And 1 Are Reserved For The Two IDE Devices, ID 2-7 Are For SCSI)
Cannot Autoboot SCSI Drives (ExpXDS.Device)
IDE Passthrough For The Original IDE Drives
DB25 External SCSI Connector


Amiga DataFlyer 1200 SCSI+

Front: DataFlyer 1200 SCSI+ front view

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