Amiga Memory Peripherals

D-RAM 1000

> Company: Combitec, Germany
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A1000
> Interface: side expansion port
> Autoconfig ID: ID49160 /

Adapter For The Combitec HD 20 Or HD 40 External Hard Disk Unit
HD 20 Contains An OMTI 5528 Controller Card And The ST-506 Hard Disk
D-RAM 1000 Contains The Autoboot ROM
The Two Units Are Connected Through DB25 Connectors
Hard Disk Disable Switch
Eight SIP Sockets For Up To 8 MB RAM
Supports Only 2, 4 Or 8 MB Configurations, It Cannot Be Set To 6 MB
Accepts 1 MB SIPs In Groups Of Two, 120 Ns Or Faster
No Waitstates
Memory Disable Switch


Amiga D-RAM 1000

Front: D-RAM 1000 front view

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