Amiga Memory Peripherals

AdRAM 540 & 560

> Company: ICD, USA
> Date: 1990
> Amiga: A500
> Interface: trapdoor slot, Gary socket
> Autoconfig ID:

32 DIP Sockets Accept 4 MB RAM (AdRAM 540)
Supports 256k&Times;4 (414256), 70 – 120 Ns DIPs
Accepts DIPs In Groups Of Four Giving 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 MB Configurations
Expandable To 6 MB With The Optional AdRAM 560 Board
Only 4 MB Of 6 Is Continuous
Only 2.5 MB RAM Is Autoconfigured
The 1.5 MB Option Does Not Work Properly With Kickstart 1.2 When The RAM Chips Are Installed In The First Three Banks
Install One Megabyte In The First Two Blocks (Those Get Automatically Recognized) And Install The Rest Of The Chips In One Of The Last Four Blocks (Those Will Be Recognized By The AdRAM Program)
No Disable Switch
Battery Backed Up Clock
The RAM Board Connects To The Trapdoor Slot
The Adapter Board Connects To Gary’S Socket – If 1 MB Chip RAM Is Present, A Wire Has To Be Soldered Between The Adaptor And The Motherboard


Amiga AdRAM 540 & 560

Front: AdRAM 540 & 560 front view

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