Amiga Memory Peripherals


> Company: Individual Computers, Germany
> Date: 2009
> Amiga: A600
> Interface: trapdoor slot
> Autoconfig ID:

1 MB Chip RAM
8 128Kx8 SRAM Chips, Soldered To The Board
Battery Backed-Up Clock
A1200 Compatible Clock Port
Denise Socket, Meant For The Indivision ECS Flicker Fixer
The RF Shield Of The A600 Has To Be Modified In Order To Install The A603
An Installed Apollo 630 Processor Board Collides With The Denise Socket – Using It Together With The A603 Is Possible By Separating Them With A Small Spacer, But The Indivision Will Not Fit
In The Retail Package A CR2032 Battery Is Not Included Due To WEEE Restrictions

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