Amiga Storage Peripherals

Harlequin Plus

> Company: Keybonus Ltd. / Amiga Centre Scotland, UK
> Date: 1993
> Amiga: Centre Scotland, UK
> Interface: Zorro II
> Autoconfig ID: ID2118 /

Designed To Produce RGB Component Video With CCIR Compliant Blanking And Synchronisation (Doing The Half Lines, Serrations And Equalizing Pulses)
Built In Genlock – Its Output Can Be Synchronised With A Black Burst Studio Reference, But Does Not Do Keying Or Mixing
Filterd Output Signal, So It Is Quiet And Properly Band-Limited
Screen Modes:
Vertical Resolution Is Fixed By CCIR Compliance To 576 Lines For The PAL Variant, 486 For The NTSC Variant
Horizontal Resolution Can Be Selected From 910, 832, 768 (Square Pixel) Or 720 For PAL, Or 910, 832, 640 (Square Pixel) Or 720 For NTSC
15 KHz Interlaced (CCIR Compliant) Or 31 KHz Non-Interlaced (VGA Timings)
As Well As Normal 24 Bit Colour The Board Supports 24 Bit Palette Mapped Colour
Supports 15 Bit Graphics
Supports 8 Bit Direct Or 8 Bit Palette Mapped (From 24 Bit Palette) Graphics
Uses The Brooktree Bt473 RAMDAC Same As The OpalVision
The Framebuffer Allows For Storing A 24 Bit Image Or 3x 8 Bit Palette Mapped Images
With The Double Buffering Option It Allows For 2x 24 Bit, 2x 15 Bit Or 6x 8 Bit Images Stored Simultaneously
The Buffer Switching Is Synchronized To Vertical Blanking And Can Be Switched Every Frame If Necessary
The 8 Bit Alpha Channel Can Be Output As An Analog Signal For Linear Keying Or Anti-Aliasing
It Can Also Be Reassigned To Provide A 15 Colour Palette Mapped Overlay Screen In Addition To The Main Screen
The Board Can Be Configured To Produce Interrupts On The First And/Or Second Field Of The Interlace
H2000 Plus: 2 MB VRAM
H4000 Plus: 4 MB VRAM And Double Buffering
The VRAM Is Linearly Mapped Into The Zorro II Address Space
Backwards Compatible With The Harlequin
Optionally Bundled With MacroSystem’S V-Lab Y/C Real-Time Digitizer

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